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Our goal is to create a marketplace where everyone can book services or order everything. So when it comes to pricing and matching our product, these principles shape our work.

Core Features

Emails + Push Notifications

It allows to reach those users who ignored emails via short and hard-to-ignore push messages.

Credit Card

Make a Payment Online Conveniently and Securely. Linked Credit card to make your payment in one click.

Privacy and Security

We never share your (user) data with anyone: any company or any country. At Gfixi, your data is yours. Not ours.

Nearby Search

Lets you search for service providers or restaurants within a specified area.

Ratings and Reviews

Find the best products for your needs, based on our reviews, ratings, and recommendations.


We offer technical support / Help desk for software and grow your business including installation, Training, and product support.

Our Projects

Good for Businesses

Estimations and planning for business decisions We help our clients make business decisions based on the best possible information. That’s why we do our best to figure out the budget as early as possible.

High Quality of the product implies Good Experience Every software has bugs and we are honest about it. Our job is to manage risks, find issues and fix them before they go live.

We take it to the Users and Publish Hosting website, publishing application, designing & uploading images. Never mind, we will just take care of it.

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